Welcome to Y-Bull site

 Thank you for visiting my website

 This site you are in, its all about my music life......so you are once again welcome!

Y-Bull-cypher rap.mp3

ABOUT ME:    I am a young guy and my talent i know it was given to me by God is to dance 
because i always dance to any music i hear since from my childhood to this time that i am now a graduate of OPASS that is,Ofori Panin Snr. High Sch.
 I changed my talent of dancing to singing because i feel that
the dance would not take me to any place am good on composing my own lyrics.I also know i am going to make it because i like the tunes that i make everyday....Rapping & singing is what i do now......Got lot of mixes.
My real name is Ebenezer Mensah Attakpah but my friends call me Y-Bull..I am out!


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